Interdisciplinary Research

Mike Leggett’s document called Interdisciplinary collaboration and practice- based research, describes the term “Interdisciplinary research” as a unique method of research and or collaborations done between artist and scientist. I find the two opposite worlds colliding and working together to be fascinating. The way they in a way each lacks what the other excels in is a very intriguing thought. While science explores what is deemed as solid facts, art explores an endless variety of possibilities. Working together could create something amazing by the two could building off the each others strengths and weaknesses.

On the other hand I see problems arising simply for the exact same reason they’d benefit from each other, because of how extremely different the two fields of study are. Scientist and artist must have very different ways of thinking, communicating, creating and even problem solving that trying to collaborate in some cases may just not work out. Scientist and artist may not share the same perspective and attitude on whats right and whats wrong due to there contrasting backgrounds of knowledge, because of this issue could arise.


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