21st Century Skills

Due to modern day technology, information is now easier than ever to access, which is why it’s important to have “21 century” skills that involve many things defined in this article. A major skill being something called “mindful infotention” Which is a phrase created to mean the appropriate skills and tools  needed to find your way around online and “Knowing what to pay attention to is a cognitive skill that steers and focuses the technical knowledge of how to find information worth your attention. ”

I feel that I’m excellent at finding loads of information on any topic I choose to research but my “crap detection” skill could definitely use some work. Simply because I have such easy access to such a large amount and variety of information I’m sometimes unsure of whats a good credible and whats not. In the end I usually try sticking to scholar sources, or articles with cited scholar information, I stay away from sources like Wikipedia because information on such sites could be written by literally anyone and everyone so I feel its not credible.


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