Group Work

The ability to work effectively with a group is one of the major keys to success in the field of media. I’m glad we get the opportunity to work in groups in class because it forces us to have to work together and use all of your brains to agree with one answer. I feel doing this is actually really beneficial and like how this allows us to mix and match each others ideas. Although of course i have briefly experienced times with my group when everyone in the group isn’t all working at the same effort level or were just not all on the same page (including myself). But us all being in University I feel we’ve realized how important it is to not slack, especially in group work where everyone has to pull their weight of the assignment. What has worked really well with my group is after we discuss it we split up the work and research processes evenly so that we’re all obligated to do our parts for the work to be completed.  Something i do think could use a bit more improvement which has definitely improved rapidly improving is our organization, and time management.  But the way its going I feel very optimistic about this continuing to improve.


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